Student Experience in MPAE

Manufacturing Processes and Automation Engineering (MPAE) is one of the six streams of engineering that NSIT offers. Though often stereotyped as Mechanical Engineering, this branch has a lot of other dimensions in its curriculum. Subhas Mishra, a student of MPAE at NSIT, describes it in this way, "There is a vast difference between MPAE and Mechanical Engineering, the latter only comprises a minuscule part of the former. MPAE is an amalgamation of curricula of three different engineering streams - Mechanical, Electronics and Computer Science; therefore, it is sometimes referred as Mechatronics. Manufacturing Process, which I expect everyone is cognizant of, is just one facet of this stream, the other completing fragment is Automation Engineering which involves using computer technology and software engineering for industrial solutions. NSIT is one of the very few elite colleges that offer this stream. Though this stream is underrated and oftenly misjudged, it has very interesting subjects de facto ranging from Mathematics, Physics, Manufacturing processes, etc. in the first semester to Electrical Sciences, Mechanical Sciences, Electronics, Programming, etc. in the second semester. Thus, beyond question, one can see the amalgamation in the initial semesters only and the further semesters make it only more conspicuous. As a result of this, the canvas of placements for MPAE students is multihued as they are placed in diverse industries like automotive, electronics, computer, chemical, etc. Companies like Maruti, German giant Schlumberger, etc. visit the campus every year. In case one is not excited by the technical prospects, the pleasing news is that a lot of students also make it to non-technical/consulting companies as well. Moreover, MPAE, like other streams, has notable MS admits, various students who make it to renowned and reputed foreign universities are from NSIT MPAE. Furthermore, the nonpareil fact is that in 2009 and 2010, MPAE students bagged the highest package in the on-campus placements.”
On being questioned whether his choice of stream was voluntary and whether his expectations have been fulfilled, he tactfully replies, “Going by the mundane perceptions and my illimitable love for machines, even my first choice was Mechanical Engineering at some other college, but when everyone recommended me NSIT MPAE, I took a glance at the course content and I was entirely satisfied, indeed, to my surprise, I found it at par with my expectations. The course has been tailor-made for the industry since manufacturing is an important constituent in assessing the development of a country and also the transformation that is taking place vis-à-vis the automation of manufacturing systems. The faculty is exceptional and the various labs are well-maintained. Also, societies like NSIT Motorsports, Bullethawk Racing Society, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, etc. quench the interests of those who wish to think out of the box while sticking to their stream. ”
Not only Subhas, but Videt Jaiswal, again a student of MPAE, feels the same, “MPAE sounded extremely peculiar to me at the very first instance. But now I have a better understanding of the curriculum, and I am enjoying it a lot and excitedly waiting for the further semesters.”
So, it is quite evident that MPAE at NSIT, though misapprehended, is a stream worth to be pursued.


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