ECE Infrastructure

Electronics Lab I/II

This lab is used in basic Electronics courses for the students of all the four streams. The laboratory has a large number of basic equipment.

Digital Integrated CircuitsLab I/II

 This lab  is used for practical works related to Digital Circuits & Systems, Computer Systems and Architecture and Microprocessor applications. Students learn about various integrated circuits families (TTL, CMOS) as well as ROM, EROMS and RAM. A number of 8085/8086 Trainer kits are available for teaching Microprocessor applications.

Micro Processor Lab I/II

 The Microprocessor lab is used by undergraduate students of the institute to perform experiments based on 8085 microprocessor kits and peripheral boards. The lab is equipped with 8085 kits, 8051 kits, AVR RISC microcontroller kits and TI DSP kits. The laboratory also offers the use of a few P-IV computers for 8085 assembler, AVR assembler and debugger and C cross compiler.

This laboratory is being developed mainly for use by the M. Tech (Signal Processing) students and for research and development in embedded systems. Currently, the students use AVR evaluation kits. Use of 32-bit ARM evaluation and development kits is being planned.

Analog Integrated Circuits Lab I/II

 This lab contains facilities to conduct experimental work related to Bipolar and MOS Analog Integrated Circuits, Linear integrated Circuits.

Communication and Signal Processing (CASP) Lab

 The (CASP) lab has been started to offer facilities to the students and faculty members engaged in research, development and consultancy in the areas of communication, signal processing and related fields. The existing facilities includes :

    • Analog and Digital storage Oscilloscopes
    • Programmable function generators
    • Spectrum analyser/ Logic Analyser
    • Programmable RLC tester
    • Programmable Curve Tracer
    • White Noise test set
    • Digital Transmission analyser
    • Frequency and time interval analyser
    • Computer simulation of experiments

Microwave Lab

 Experiments setup in the microwave lab strengthen the concepts of generation, transmission and reception of microwave signals as well as functions of various components used in microwave systems. An Integrated test system based on network analyser HP 8510B is available for precision measurement, consultancy and R&D activities.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

 This lab is equipped with excellent facilities for DSP. These include :

    • TMS 320 C 25 based workstations
    • ADSP-2100 based systems
    • Arbitrary wave Generator
    • Logic Analyser
    • Digital oscilloscope upto 1 GHz
    • In Circuit Emulators (ICE) for ADSP chips
    • Multimedia workstations for image processing

Circuit Simulation Lab

 This lab contains a number of IBM & Compaq workstations and mainly deals with activities related to SPICE simulation of Electronic Circuits. This lab is also used as a Post Graduate lab dealing with the courses in Digital System Design, Digital Image Processing and Analog MOS Integrated Circuits. The laboratory has all the basic software tools such as MATLAB and SIMULINK (along with signal processing tools), VIEW LOGIC and MicroSim's Design Center (PSPICE).

Audio / Video System Lab

 The Audio / Video Consumer Lab has a number of demonstration kits for a variety of Audio and Video equipments.

Analog Signal Processing Research Lab

 Analog Signal Processing Research Lab has the infrastructure to carry out advanced research work in the area of Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing. The facilities include:

  • HP Network Analyser
  • IEEE-488 programmable equipments from Keithly (Programmable Current/Voltage sourse, CV-Analyser and SMU's etc)
  • Four-Channel Digital Oscilloscopes
  • Semiconductor Wafer Prober
  • HP 4145B Semiconductor parameter analyser
  • HP3562A Dynamic Signal Analyser
  • Programmable curve tester
  • A number of IBM and Compaq PCs and workstations for PSPICE, MATLAB, MICROCAP III simulation.

The Lab is witnessing active research in the following areas which has resulted in the publication of more than 50 papers (from 1988 to till date) in international journals of repute:

    • Bipolar and MOS Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing
    • Filter Synthesis and Design
    • Current Mode Circuits and Techniques
    • Electronic Instrumentation
    • Chaotic Nonlinear Dynamical Circuits
    • SPICE Simulation and Modeling
    • Translinear/Log Domain Circuits

Advanced Communication Lab

 This is another laboratory catering to the requirements of the Post Graduate students in the area of Communication and Signal Processing and Research Development activities in area of Communication Engineering.


PCB Design and Project Lab


 PCB Design Lab is used for practical training on PCB fabrication as well as hardware related project work of final year students.

Telemetry and Computer Communication Lab

 The Telemetry and Computer Communication Lab has been setup to cater to the requirement of laboratory work related to various theory courses on Data Communication and Computer Networking. The lab is equipped with a 24 port switch, Two Dual processor Servers, 24 Terminals, One Network printer, One laser jet printer, and a few Dot matrix printers. This lab also provides Internet facility to the students of ECE department. It is proposed to further develop it as a full-fledged departmental computational centre for faculty and students of the ECE Division.

In addition to the above, the Division is also in the process of developing the following Labs:

    • Advance Circuit Design Lab
    • ASIC/VLSI Design Lab
    • Micro Electronics Lab
    • Speech Processing Lab
    • Advanced Electronics Lab
    • Statistical Signal Processing Lab

It may be mentioned that the lab facilities are not restricted to those mentioned above. Students may use all facilities of the institute regardless of their branch. Owing to the generality involved in the curriculum , students often use several other labs such as :

  • Advanced Information Systems & Networking lab
  • Computer Graphics/ Multimedia Laboratory
  • CAD Laboratory
  • Software Engineering Laboratory
  • Control Systems Laboratory


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